usage provisions

  1. The following terminology is used in the provisions

    1. Service provider - Limited Liability Company „Zanne Divi”.

    2. – the tracing system service of the service provider, which is available on the homepage –

    3. Device - a device for tracing or a mobile device, which is purchased in the shop of the service provider, or from the cooperation partners of the service provider, as well as any other mobile device, which is in ownership of the user, with the installed application.

    4. Service - an opportunity to trace cars, motorcycles, people, boats, cutters, bicycles and other objects in internet, as well as to see the object's movement speed and precise location on the map. The service includes an opportunity to see the object's movement history, receiving a precise representation on the map and in reports.

    5. User - any individual or legal entity, who registered for the tracing system service in accordance with the defined procedure.

    6. User account - authorized access to the tracing system.

    7. application - the application, which is available in the application trade places (App Store, Google Play, Windows Store), and which can be downloaded to a mobile device for a free-of-charge 30-day period; an annual application subscription fee, in the amount, which is defined by these provisions, is applied, beginning from the 31st day of the application usage.

  2. General provisions

    1. The usage provisions of the tracing system – (hereinafter referred to as the System) define the order, in which the services available in the System are used, as well as the limitations and sanctions for the failure to observe these provisions.

    2. The usage provisions are binding for all users of the service.

    3. The service provider reserves the right to make amendments to the System usage provisions, publishing them on the internet page:

    4. The obligation of the users, who are registered in the System, is to get familiarized with and to observe the System usage provisions.

  3. Registration and closing of a user account

    1. In order for a person to become a System account owner (registered user), it has to complete a registration form at

    2. During registration (filling out a registration form), the person inputs user identification data, the registration code (tracing device code indicated on the product packaging (8 characters), or the code, which is sent to the user following the download of the mobile application), name of the device and the user's password.

    3. The Service provider does not verify the accuracy of the information provided by the user. However, upon stating the fact, that false information was provided (for instance, the user utilizes other person's data), or other illegal activities, the Service provider has the right to terminate the user's account and to inform law enforcement institutions about possible violations of normative acts.

    4. The User undertakes not to disclose the data for accessing his user's account to third parties.

    5. In case the user's account is open without the user's consent, or the user has suspicions that the user's account might be open without the user's consent, the user must immediately inform the support service of the service provider by e-mail:

    6. All personal data and correspondence of the registered users are protected in accordance with the normative acts of the Republic of Latvia.

    7. In case a user forgot an e-mail address, username or password of the System user account, the user sends an application on user data renewal to the support service of the service provider by e-mail: In addition, individuals indicate the following in their application forms: name, surname and the device code. Legal entities, in their turn, indicate the name, surname and the device code of the contact person.

  4. Subscription fee and the order of its payment

    1. Upon registration in the System, the user indicates an e-mail address, to which the service provider will send an invoice for usage of the service.

    2. The invoice will indicate the provided service, payment for the service, as well as the term for settling the invoice. The invoice settlement takes place by cashless payment, through a transfer to the bank account of the service provider, or by using the PayPal electronic payment site.

    3. The System automatically blocks a user's account in cases, when a user delayed the invoice settlement for 10 (ten) calendar days after the settlement term indicated in the invoice. In case the invoice is not settled during 90 (ninety) days after the term indicated in the invoice, the user's account is terminated, including the deletion of the user's personal information (personal data).

    4. The following is meant in these usage provisions by locking the User's account: access to the tracing System is limited, as a result of which, the user's access to the tracing System is prohibited up until the settlement of the delayed invoices.

    5. Provision of the tracing System service to the user also continues after the invoice settlement is delayed. That is, data (without access thereto) are stored in the tracing system during 90 (ninety) days, except the case, when a user's application is received concerning the cancellation of the tracing system service.

    6. In case settlement of an invoice is delayed, the subscription fee for the tracing system services is calculated during 90 (ninety) days after the delay, or up until receiving a user's application concerning the cancellation of the service. The service cancellation does not exempt the user from the responsibility to settle invoices for the received services.

    7. In case the user's account was blocked, then, upon settling the unpaid invoices, the account is automatically unblocked when the monetary assets are transferred to the bank account or to the PayPal account of the service provider.

    8. In case the user's account was terminated due to unsettled invoices, then, upon the renewal or the creation of a new user's account, it is necessary to settle the previously unsettled invoices, as well as to pay the registration fee for repeated connection, in the amount of 15, 00 EUR (fifteen Euros).

  5. Service types and tariff plans

    1. application for mobile devices – subscription fee – 12,10 EUR per 1 (one) calendar year.

    2. A device equipped by the service provider - subscription fee – 15, 00 EUR per 1 (one) month.

  6. Other provisions

    1. The service provider has the right to close the user's account without the user's consent, in case the user fails to observe these usage provisions. In this case, the entire user's personal data are deleted. In case there are monetary assets on the user's account, they are repaid only after receiving a written application from the user, in case it is possible to identify the person, which made the payment (the payment was made using internet banking or by a payment card). If it is impossible to identify the payment, the monetary assets are not repaid.

    2. The materials input in the System are protected in accordance with the norms of the Law on copyright of the Republic of Latvia. Any republishing of the published materials is categorically prohibited without the permission from the service provider.

    3. The service provider bears no responsibility for the losses, in case such are incurred through the activity or inactivity of the System.

    4. The service provider has the right to disable the service in case of malicious activities with the service provider's device or its components.